The Steering Group

The purpose of the Steering Group is to oversee and steer all aspects of the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) on behalf of the Parish Council, which is the “qualifying body” authorised to submit an NDP under localism and planning legislation. The Steering Group is responsible for the preparation and submission of the NDP to West Berkshire District Council in order that this can then be reviewed by an independent examiner. Once this has been done the Steering Group will manage any further refinements to the NDP, prior to the local referendum on whether to accept the NDP. The referendum process is managed by West Berkshire District Council, but the vote itself is made by local adult parishioners and demonstrates the democratic legitimacy of the NDP.

The members of the Steering Group are as follows:

Pete Adams - Chairman
Pete is a member of the Parish Council and has lived in Cold Ash for 15 years.

Richard Marsh
Richard is Chairman of Cold Ash Parish Council. Richard has lived in the Parish for 20 years. 

Garth Simpson
Garth Simpson has lived in Stone Copse, Stoney Lane for 41 years and has been your District Councillor for Cold Ash ward since 2011. 

Marie Fenner
Marie has lived in Bucklebury Alley for 6 years and currently sits on the Parish Council.

Ivor Mcardle
Ivor is a Parish Councillor and member of the Environment Committee, and has lived in Cold Ash since 2011.

Pete Murray
Pete has lived in Cold Ash for many years.





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